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Ministério da Saude SUS Governo Federal

O Ministério da Saúde é o órgão do Poder Executivo Federal responsável pela organização e elaboração de planos e políticas públicas voltados para a promoção, prevenção e assistência à saúde dos brasileiros.

Bloco G - Esplanada dos Ministérios, Brasília - DF 70058-900 Telefone:(61) 3315-2425 | Disque 136 Ouvidoria Geral do SUS Horas: quinta-feira 08:00 – 18:00

Portal da Saúde

Federal Hospitals

Andaraí Hospital
Established 43 years ago, for years the unit underwent a physical, technological and conceptual reformulation until it reached a profile of general services and great emergency. It delivers care to burnt people, oncology, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics and vascular surgery of medium and high complexity.

Bonsucesso General Hospital
Former General do Nascimento Vargas Hospital, the Bonsucesso General Hospital (HGB) was launched in January 1948, by the then President of the Republic, General Eurico Gaspar Dutra. Among others, the hospital provides care to cancer patients and makes kidney and liver transplantations in adults and children, additionally to reconstructive surgery of members, and micro-surgeries. Its structure offers pharmacy, blood bank, sterilization central unit, maternity, kidney transplantation unit, outpatient care in clinical genetics, among other units.

Ipanema Hospital
Founded on October 30, 1995 as Hospital of the Institute of Retirements and Pensions of Commerce Workers (IAPC), it became nationally famous for its specialization in surgery. The facility bears a tradition of offering reference services, training outstanding professionals, and being recognized among physicians and patients. It carries out medium and high complexity surgeries like bariatric, ophthalmological, orthopedic, oncology surgeries, among others.

*** Jacarepaguá Hospital
Firstly created to serve the Institute of Retirements and Pensions of Bank Workers (IAPB) providing care to patients with tuberculosis, it was originally named Cardoso Fontes Sanatorium. In 1975 it became a general hospital, named Jacarepaguá General Hospital, and today is reference on outpatient and emergency care to the population in the West Area of Rio de Janeiro. In 2008, it launched an exclusive room for the female audience: the Centro de Imagem da Mulher (Women’s Image Center) which was specially developed to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases like breast and gynecologic cancer, and menopause-related conditions.

Lagoa Hospital
Located on the shore of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, the hospital was launched in December 1962, in principle to serve the professional category of bank workers. When the Social Security Institutes were unified in 1967, it was named Lagoa Hospital. Its architectural project is by Oscar Niemeyer and Hélio Uchoa, with gardens by Roberto Burle Marx. It provides outpatient and hospital services in 27 medical specialties, and is reference for pediatric surgeries, orthopedic surgery of hands, cardiac surgery to pacemaker, vascular surgery, and neurosurgery.

Servidores do Estado (State Civil Servant) Hospital
Created in 1934, it is characterized for being a pioneer: the first kidney and heart transplantation in the city of Rio de Janeiro was carried out in there. Moreover, the hospital implanted the first artificial kidney in South America. Innovative in medical care and hospital management, it has served as stage to great scientific and historical happenings. Five Presidents of the Republic have been hospitalized there: José Linhares, Café Filho, Juscelino Kubistcheck, João Goulart and João Baptista Figueiredo. Being characterized for promoting technical and administrative innovations, it renowned by national and foreign authorities as the most advanced public hospital in the Latin America, which granted it the Class A in the International System of Hospital Ranking.

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